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chapiteau Alet les bainsL’Eveche, the ruins of the Cathedral, the parish church and the Presbyterian lie just across the bridge that crosses Nicolas Pavillon Avenue, Alet-les-Bains’ main street. It should be noted that His Eminence Charles de la Cropte de Chanterac, 35th and last bishop of Alet, who opened the "Grand Route" Limoux-Quillan, also built an extension to the oldest wing of the building dating from the 12th century, extension which still exists and operates.

Up a stone staircase from the old Abbey leads to the first floor, where visitors can view the beautiful and large old synod room as well as the antique trompe-l’oeil library. L’Eveche and its gardens (three hectares) are occupying the place where the abbey used to sit.

With the rift between Church and the State, the Episcopal Palace fell to owners who made a living by selling the Bishops’ furniture throughout the region. Until its purchase by Mr. Valent, buildings were used as henhouses and sheds, while a pigsty was built in the park that was no longer maintained. Heirs then decided to sell the entire abandoned property. At this time, the main portal was blocked and the building was almost indiscernible from the avenue, due to the overgrowth of vegetation.

la bibliothèque en trompe l'oeil, d'alet les bains

salle synodale de l'évéché d'Alet les bains

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